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Thank you for posting these excellent photos of our museum and our latest restoration project.
When you came to Motor Transport Museum you signed a contract with us which allowed you to take photos on our property. Everyone who desires to take photos on our property must sign this contract. The contract clearly stipulates procedures you must follow in order to exhibit you photos publicly. The procedures are as follows: "Any and all photos taken on the museums property must include the wording: "By permission of the Motor Transport Museum, 31949 Highway 94, Campo, California, web site:".
Please reflect this wording or you will be in breach of your contract with us.
This is a very important stipulation in the contract for us. It allows us to fully represent our museum to those interested in learning more about us and allows us to relay important information to visitors prior to their visit.

You just go ahead and consider me in breach and have a happy day.

 You have lost your way, and aren't thinking about the fact that my photography puts your vehicles on the internet for every one to access, and there by in REALITY fills your claim to represent your museum to those interested in learning more about your museum.

You have little to no effort exhibited to relay (important? really?) information to visitors with newsletters (just take a moment to see how many you have displayed, even if unavailable for copies) , signs, advertising, or public appearances of the handful of vehicles and artifacts that can travel to the multitude of public events possible locally that would bring vehicle enthusiasts to our museum, how little you have on your website, and what importance is that stipulation?

I've more fully represented your museum to the billions of people on the planet than you ever can, or ever will. You could have done the same with your website, but failed. Failed. Failed.

You could say "Thank you for a remarkable online source of photography in positive regard to the large collection of trucks we have, that a minuscule fraction of the website viewers will ever be able to or willing to see in person, and thank you for portraying our collection in such a full scope, with quality size and resolution photography, in addition to the fleshed out representation of the restoration Cadillac, and previous restored vehicles, plus the future possibilities for restoration, and giving billions of people the potential desire to donate to our cause, to our restoration funds, by interesting them in our museum and need for help with the neglected trucks we've collected that have, in totality, not a chance of ever moving under their own power again. Some trucks may be saved by the visually moving thoroughness of the hundreds of photos that convey what our lack of a museum website commitment has not, that we have hundreds of trucks that will rust away, and few will ever get our time, effort, or ability to stem their degradation into rust and rotted rubber. "

You instead, had to take a negative lawyered up approach to addressing my labeling of my galleries of photos, and shot your mouth off while shooting yourself in the feet. Effective PR skills jackass.

 "Fully allows us to represent our museum" yeah, you just did. With dynamite zeal and no intelligence. Next time? Be polite, not lawyered up. Be happy someone gave a damn about your collection, not pissed that they didn't put your catchphrase on every photo. In fact, take a day to paintbrush those words in day glow colors on every truck. That is the most effective way to tell everyone for the rest of the rusting existance that you have, that the Motor Transport Museums best intentions, are to make sure every truck is known to all that ever view them as having been sure to have the contract stipulation made with every neglected vehicle seen in perpetuity.

Or wise up, be polite, and mention that some posts I've done had your notice, and some didn't, and ask that those get one too. Now go soak your head, and piss off someone else that did you a favor, you shortsighted buffoon

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