Sunoco is looking for some free publicity

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Here's the deal... if you hang around a Sunoco gas station, (as in buying gas there) and get the sticker and put it on your car, you might be seen and awarded the grand prize.

Winning Couldn't Be Easier

For your chance to win, get the official Sunoco decal and stick it on your ride. Our spotters will be visiting Sunoco locations all summer long looking for drivers just like you. When they see you with your decal, they’ll make you a winner on the spot with prizes including Sunoco Gift Cards and complimentary 3D upgrades to see DreamWorks Animation’s TURBO, only in theatres. You’ll also be entered to win the grand prize- 5000 gallons of Sunoco fuel.

I think this is horrible. So, only by spending all your gas money at their over priced gas can you hope to be at the right place at the right time, with no guarantee that this give away is legit? Ever heard of a winner of these things? Me neither.

Anyway, according to google maps, there aren't any Sunoco gas stations North or West of Texas

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